1. "Careless Love" by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

    Props to that beard. 

  2. “Run Christian Run” by Super Furry Animals 

    It’s been a febrile week of sleep, and this fees like a fitting end.

    Posted by Matt Poacher

  3. "Batwings (A Liminal Hymn)" by Coil 

    I don’t know Coil. Barely. Missed out. Miss on so many things. Did especially those years they were active. But someone sent this to me a few days ago, thinking I’d like it. And she was right. I listened to it three times in this early black damp morning. “To keep the darkness sealed within.” That invention of language that evolves in the last three minutes could break me. History and hope and hopebreak and heartfullness. I’ll catch up. 

    Posted by Hallock Hill. 

  4. "Golden Streams" by The Hidden Cameras

    I must say it’s been ages since I woke assailed by a hymn to being pissed on. Starts the day with a nice warm glow, I must say.

    Posted by Poacher.

  5. "For Pete’s Sake" by Pete Rock & CL Smooth

    Woke up with a ringing in my ears. I’ve been listening to a lot of Rhodes-heavy* records lately, but funnily enough not this one. Still ringing.

    *It’s a vibraphone, innit. Freddie McCoy. Ignore me. Clearly still asleep (and it’s still ringing).

    Posted by Mandrew

  6. 09:48 23rd Sep 2012

    Notes: 1

    "Nothing Compares 2U" by Sinéad O’Connor

    Ooh gawd.

    Posted by Mandrew

  7. 'You Send Me' by Sam Cooke.

    Sunday seems to have become Sam Cooke day in my flat, which is no bad thing. I suspect some people have a problem with Sam Cooke, claiming the music he created was generated to appeal primarily to ‘white Americans’, but then you could also argue that he bridged the gap - and with songs like ‘A Change Gonna Come’ and ‘Chain Gang’, you suspect he knew what he was up to. I’ve loved his music since I was 14. Today is one of the first days I haven’t woken up to a song that I heard on the radio, or that was generated by a microchip in a child’s toy. 

    The one thing about Cooke’s music - for me - is that it is inextricably linked to ‘Inner Space’. Not a terrible film, but not a great one either. It’s a proper honky movie, in fact. By the by.

    I love Cooke’s music - particularly his voice, so singular as it was. He was murdered at the age of 33, making me older now than he ever was. Sad times for the soul world. But, regardless of his whether his music was ‘black enough’, it inspired a future generation of black artists. 

    Posted by @Suborno_

  8. "You Ought To Be With Me" by Al Green

    Desire, anger, regret, all caught up in the supposed tenderness of a falsetto.

    Posted by whisperingdave

  9. 11:04 9th Sep 2012

    Notes: 1

    "As" by Stevie Wonder

    Now there’s a sure-fire sign you’ve woken up in an unusually good mood.

    THE ultimate party ending tune too. And - running in tandem with my current re-obsession - features Herbie Hancock on the Rhodes. AND has some of the best bits of Stevie doing his Fozzy Bear voice.

    Posted by Mandrew

  10. 'A Minor Place' by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

    singing from my little point/and aching in my every joint

    Posted by Matt Poacher